List of Compositions by Yunona (Una) Taranova Chamber Songs (music and lyrics by Yunona Taranova):

  • Obsession #1 - for Soprano and Piano
  • Obsession #2 - for Baritone and Piano
  • Song Cycle "Flowers Conversation":
    • The White Lilies
    • The Rose Farewell
    • The Apple Blossom
    • The Lotus
    • The Flowers
  • The Winter Numbness
  • The Cloud and the Moon
  • Song Cycle "Fire Trefoil" (lyrics by I. Annensky):
    • The Butterfly of Gas
    • The Dove - Colored Sunset
    • The January Fairy Tale
  • La Lola (lyrics by Federico Garcia Lorka)
    for vioce, piano and flamenco guitar

Compositions for Piano:

  • By the Cradle of Humanity
  • The Cry
  • Poem by Garcia Lorka
  • The Night Conversation
  • The Silver Way
  • The Clock
  • The Pastoral
  • The Midnight
  • You…
  • Perpetual Motion #1 in G Major
    "Joy from Creation"
  • Perpetual Motion #2 in D Minor
    Dedicated to Victims of World Terrorism
  • The Funny Ball for Kids piano album:
    • The Mini - Waltz
    • The Feather - Polka
    • The Baby - Ragtime
    • The Tango "Fox Tail"
    • The Boogie-Woogie "Stop!"
    • The Triumphant Polonaise
  • EARTH-MATES Piano series (published):
    • Musical Farm Part I
    • Around the World Part II
    • Forest Part III


  • Jerusalem
  • I'm Like a Shadow behind You
  • There Was a Day
  • May Be It's Funny, May Be - Serious
  • The Victory
  • The Clouds
  • She Appeared Like a Witch, Judith
  • Leaves Fall
  • The Spring Melted as a Cloud (Duo)
  • Christmas Lullaby


Alleluia by A. Vivaldi for Voice, Flute and Piano, Waltz from "Snowstorm" by G. Sviridov, Ose Shalom for Soprano/Tenor, piano, violin and bass., Hava Nagila for Soprano/Tenor, piano; Gypsy Folk Songs: The Star, Sing, Gypsies, Sing!, Forgive Me, Russian Romances I'll Tell You After All, Night is
So Light, Love is the Magic Country by A. Petrov, Ya nesla svoyu bedu (I Was Ñarrying My Misfortune) by V. Visotsky Little Song of Cavalry Man by Shwarz, etc.

To view performances click links below:
  1. La Lola
  2. Perpetual Motion 1
  3. Perpetual Motion 2


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