Earth-Mates (piano series)

Piano series "Earth -Mates" includes three books (demo CD is available upon request). These educational series where composed for the purpose of students to have fun as they study. The subject of the "Earth -Mates" is to show musical portraits of creatures who share with us this World. Though I took into consideration the technical progression of the students.

First part of series "Musical Farm" is for beginners and child oriented.
Second and third part "Around the World" and "Forest" oriented as much for children as adult amateurs. "Around The World" consists classical stylization of different folk traditions. "Forest" is inspired by wild nature and composed in more integral manner. It consists classical miniatures that perform variety of musical forms and techniques. These parts comprise of few levels from late beginner's level to the late intermediate. Number of asterisks (*) in the table of contents indicates level of difficulty.

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